Twinkle 10 Years Old

Twinkle ("Ambusher") (born September 12, 1998) is a 6 year old girl is one of Owli's enemies who are part of the Weegee Killers, she has a one-sided crush with Owli, but she tends to be enemies with him. Twinkle is Wayne and Juani's sister in law, the close friend of Kip and the best friend of Eubie. Twinkle tends to like pink and her personality is calm, mischievious and sociable, She Is Also Not That Smart, But Still Really Smart Because She Tends To Think About Solving Problems To Help Her Friends, However, They Never Work Due To Fran Stoping Her. Twinkle draws new ideas in order to fix a problem. Fran tells her that’s a nice idea but there can be problems in there and when Fran tells her that Twinkles ideas aren’t true, Twinkle says “Aw pickles.”

Looks Edit

Twinkle is an African-American girl. Her dark brown hair has puffy pigtails and has blue eyes. She wears a pink headband with pink stars and a small pink bow, a light pink shirt shines with glitter and a pink duck hatching an egg in the middle and magenta pants with purple stripes.

Appearances Edit

Twinkle appears in every episode with her brother, Fran and her friends. Her first appearance was in "Up a Tree".

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