Gretchen Height and Weight: Do you want that in feet, or meters pounds or kilograms? Favourite subject: All of them! Favourite person(s): Albert Einstein and my friends! Dream Date: The Whiz Kid on “Smart Guy!” Favourite activity: Taking tests, of course. What I would change about myself: Well, I wish my glasses weren’t so thick. Vince Height: I’m still growing tall enough to play pro ball I hope! Favourite activity: Any sport... you name it. Best attribute: I’m a team player all the way! Favourite person(s): Air Mike and my big brother Chad. Favourite pastime: Hanging out with TJ and my other buddies. I am best known for: Slamming a baseball all the way to China! Mikey Weight: Please don‘t make fun of me for being fat. Favourite poet: Anyone who writes about peace. I Am misunderstood because: I am so big, but I would never hurt anyone! My Favourite place: My ”happy place” in my mind. I Like To: Play with puppies and listen to love songs. Favourite food: Cheeseburgers as long as no animals were hurt to make them.